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Derby Pie® Chocolate Nut Pie

Derby Pie® Chocolate Nut Pie

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  • This 9" pie is fully cooked, ready to warm and serve, or refrigerate/freeze for later use.
  • Made by Kern's Kitchen in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • From the flakey crust, to the gooey chocolately filling, DERBY-PIE® is the perfect dessert for tailgating, potlucks, holidays, special family dinners, or any time you need that genuine taste of home.

  • Serves 8 to 10.

  • Single pie shipping: $6.49
  • Serving Tip: Derby-Pie® is best served by slicing frozen and serving warm. We recommend 12 minutes at 350º. The pie will come out of the oven with a perfect, flaky crust. It will be warm, toasty, and ready-to-eat, a perfect blend of sweet, crunchy goodness that will satisfy your innate need for chocolate.